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Government of Ontario

Time to renew

Published on November 6, 2023

Get free reminders by email, text message, or phone call 60 and 30 days before it’s time to renew your licence plate, driver’s licence, health card, or Ontario Photo Card. For more information click here.

Service Ontario in many cases no longer mails paper reminders when it's time to renew your important Service Ontario Documents.

Exemptions for driver’s licence holders and vehicle owners

Mailed renewal notices for driver’s licence holders and vehicle owners will continue for:

  • individuals aged 70 years and older
  • individuals with a driver’s licence class A, B, C, D, E, or F
  • individuals with endorsements that require additional testing (i.e airbrake)
  • individuals who have a licence plate sticker associated with a company/fleet vehicle
  • individuals who have jointly owned vehicles, and
  • heavy commercial vehicles

Exemptions for health card holders

Mailed renewal notices for health card holders will continue for:

  • individuals age 16 and under
  • individuals age 70 and above
  • individuals living in remote locations or isolated communities (e.g. no in-person ServiceOntario locations are available) and where renewals are done by mail with the assistance of nursing stations
  • individuals residing in a publicly funded long-term care facility where renewals are done via fax or by mail, and
  • individuals with a health card that has a definite end date, temporary foreign workers, homeless, foreign clergy, migrant farm workers, temporary resident permit holders, applicant for permanent resident, applicant for citizenship, or where coverage has otherwise been ended where renewals are done at public offices only and need to provide additional documents in order to renew

For more information click here.