Tom Rakocevic MPP, Humber River–Black Creek

Government of Ontario

Take Action

There are many ways in which you can Take Action with Tom Rakocevic, MPP

Sign a petition – here are some of the petitions we are working on at the moment

Create your own – here are directions in putting together a petition about an issue you are passionate about

Or Volunteer with Tom  on one of our many outreach events.


Sign up for my Virtual Town Hall with new leader MPP Marit Stiles here.

Date and time: Wednesday April 19 at 7p.m.
Join us to hear about fresh solutions being proposed to make life better and share your questions and ideas.

Sign up for my Virtual Community Condominium Meeting here.

Date and time: Tuesday April 25th at 7 p.m.
Join MPP Tom Rakocevic and fellow condominium residents to discuss how to improve condominium laws in Ontario and hear about what actions have been taken to date.