Tom Rakocevic MPP, Humber River–Black Creek

Government of Ontario

Improving Consumer Protections in Ontario

Bill 142, Better for Consumers, Better for Businesses was introduced November 2, 2023. 

The bill is a repeal and replace of the existing Consumer Protection Act. I had the opportunity to debate the bill at second reading and you can click here to watch a brief video of the debate. 

When the bill was sent to the Justice Committee, I had the opportunity to attend and table 34 amendments on behalf of the Official Opposition. 

The amendments included ensuring that the act would apply to all types of contracts and of any amount. 

I also called for an amendment that would have ensured contracts be easier to understand by requiring them to be written in plain language, and that they be accessible, including a right to free paper copies. 

Unfortunately, the government did not support these amendments. 

You can watch a press conference on my bill calling for the creation of a Consumer Watchdog here. 

If you have have a consumer protection issue you'd like to discuss, please contact my office at 416-743-7272 or by email [email protected]