Tom Rakocevic MPP, Humber River–Black Creek

Government of Ontario

New Home Buyers deserve better than vague promises to improve consumer protection

Published on February 21, 2019

Tom Rakocevic, Ontario NDP critic for Government and Consumer Services, released the following statement in response to the Ford Conservatives’ announcement about Tarion:

“The Conservatives appear to be picking up where the Liberals left off, making vague promises without clear timelines as families buying new homes continue to get hurt. This is the same thing the Liberals did — almost nothing.

This issue has had years of study and public consultation, and still the government wants to waste more time. Consumers have waited long enough. We know this government can act fast when it wants to, and clearly it doesn’t want to act fast when it comes to protecting new home buyers.

New home buyers deserve better than vague promises to improve consumer protection. They need concrete action from their government.”